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Digital Transformation


Digital Transformation

Simple. Affordable. Rapid Alignment.

All higher education institutions are engaging in some form of digital transformation. However, diminishing budgets, governance constraints, and lack of alignment with institutional goals and priorities make it hard for institutions to fully embrace change.

(SEA)results® is a digital transformation readiness and maturity assessment that delivers actionable insight more cost-effectively and quickly than traditional consulting methods. Whatever the size of your institution, (SEA)Results strips away the complexity involved by matching organizational needs with the right technology systems to support near- and long-term strategic goals.

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Delivering expertise at the speed of technology

Don’t wait through slow and time-consuming processes to obtain an actionable appraisal of your institution. (SEA)results shortens the discovery period delivering actionable insights in less than an hour, giving you more time to plan, prioritize, and transform.

Reach internal alignment on goals and priorities

Break down bureaucratic and organizational communication challenges. Build awareness of digital transformation priorities and alignment across the institution, through visual displays of both aggregated and distinct assessment results for each anonymous stakeholder.

Data-driven decision making

Digital transformation plans often lack clear analytics and industry benchmarking data to pinpoint priorities. Deliver actionable insight into your internal organizational, operational, and technical weaknesses and how your institution is benchmarked across similar institutions by type, size, and location, to identify and prioritize risks and opportunities.

What We Assess


Your organizational score indicates how well your institution’s underlying values and beliefs are understood, prioritized, and communicated.


Your operational score indicates how well the underlying values and beliefs of your institution are represented and reinforced through the processes and systems of the organization.


Your technical score indicates how well your use of technology has contributed to shaping and differentiating your culture.

Your Results

Regardless of the size or complexity of your institution and/or technology portfolio, the (SEA)results Digital Transformation Assessment will help you understand 1) how you are doing relative to established best practices, and 2) how you compare to other institutions of similar type, size, and location.

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Align digital transformation risk management strategies across the institution.

Establish your institution’s digital transformation baseline to identify current strengths and most critical opportunities for strategic improvement and risk reduction.

Obtain diverse perspectives that reflect the diverse roles of your institution.

Collect anonymous inputs from constituents in a variety of roles across the institution to better understand organization, operations, and technology maturity and alignment.

Benchmark your results across the industry.

Compare your digital maturity state to that of other institutions of similar type, size, and location, so that you can prioritize strategic moves to become more competitive in your peer group.

Reduce digital transformation project risks.

Assess stakeholders and change agents before any major digital transformation initiative to highlight and leverage critical success factors such as relative importance of improvement opportunities, internal receptivity to change, operational readiness to transform, and internal communications effectiveness.

Measure your progress.

Use as a recurring assessment across any group, department, or institution to provide visibility, continuous alignment, and progress tracking along your digital transformation journey.

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