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Your Institution

Your Institution

All higher education institutions are experiencing a greater need for change than ever before. But budget pressures, governance complexity, antiquated strategic planning models and inconsistent organizational alignment make it hard for institutions to fully embrace change. 

Our Approach

(SEA)results® is a digital change management and culture assessment that delivers actionable insight more cost-effectively and quickly than traditional consulting methods. Whatever the size of your institution, (SEA)results strips away the morass of cumulative organizational habit and refocuses teams on a consistent, priority-driven and sustainable process for managing strategic and operational change in the digital era.  

In less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee, you can assess your institution against our proven models and benchmark against other institutions, all for free. Your data is  anonymized at the individual and  institution level, ensuring privacy consistent with global  standards. 

Why not get started today? 

Get Started

Click below to read about the two assessments included in the (SEA)results®  baseline offering: 

Higher Digital offers the (SEA)results®  baseline assessments for free to help all institutions begin the process of mastering effective and efficient change management. If you want to continue the journey as a Higher Digital customer, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our customers are active practitioners of continuous improvement, leveraging our data, software and expert facilitation to operationalize the new process muscles required to exceed their strategic and operational goals. 

Higher Digital respects and protects your  privacy, consistent with global standards. All data reporting is anonymized at the individual and institution level. To read our privacy policy, please visit If you have any questions about our commitment to your privacy, contact us at