All higher education institutions are engaging in some form of digital transformation, and most are actively pursuing multiple efforts, including: enhancing education systems, improving data security, and adopting more data-driven management processes. Meanwhile, COVID-19 has made all of this harder; straining internal resources, disrupting the planning horizon, exacerbating enrollment shortfalls, and changing how education is delivered. Responding to these challenges can be overwhelming.

But that’s a pessimistic view. We prefer to take a realistic view.

We help our customers embrace and prepare for a future shaped by change — quickly and efficiently.

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Turning digital transformation challenges into opportunities


To mitigate enrollment shortfalls, institutions must stand up “COVID Response Programs” to triage safety, compliance, remote work, and security – and many of the most agile institutions have already done so. It is also critical to add, expand, and/or enhance student and faculty-centered online education offerings. This crucible of urgent and important tasks demands a fresh approach to strategic change and management.

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In the face of industry uncertainty, institutional decision-making must be informed by data. To realize data-driven transformation, you need a partner who can bring together people, process and technology to simplify and solve your most complex data architecture, integration, and governance needs while maximizing current investments.

Transform your institution into a data-driven organization.


Cloud adoption is a major undertaking. Innovators stand out from the laggards because they have a well-crafted strategy and execution aligned around organizational goals. To help navigate your cloud initiatives, we partner with you to develop a comprehensive framework for adoption. No matter where you are in your journey, you’ll have deep experience on your side.

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To achieve rapid transformation you need to replace dated waterfall processes and poorly-aligned stovepipe operations with an agile leadership and management approach. We can help you adopt a simplified, enterprise agile approach to digital transformation and jumpstart your ability to clarify strategic priorities, break down barriers to innovation, and deliver value-creating improvements quickly and at low cost.

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A variety of disruptive forces are challenging higher education strategies, and your future demands a response. Writing a new strategic plan (or rewriting an old one) will take too long. We can help you develop a fresh strategy reference point that fits with your current plan but also addresses new market forces, aligns your team, and prioritizes the changes needed for long-term success. Our strategic development engagement helps you achieve your vision of simplified, agile management, while driving alignment around the resulting strategy and building organizational resilience.

Our (SEA)vision engagement empowers you with an agile strategy and portfolio management reference that guides change management and operations. Contact us to learn more.

Higher Digital:
A value-driven approach to Digital Transformation Management

There are many players in the digital transformation space, but Higher Digital is the only company focused on delivering advisory services, process training, and tools for Digital Transformation Management in a vertical industry context.

Our team consists of leaders, administrators, CIOs, faculty members, and global software executives who have helped higher education institutions grapple with massive change. Charting a path toward digital transformation involves not only technology alignment but also a cultural shift. When leadership, operations, and technology stakeholders work together to harmonize IT strategy with enterprise strategy, technology implementation becomes more agile and responsive to the changing needs of students, faculty, and school administration.

Always guided by your shifting needs, our bespoke Digital Transformation Management approach combines innovative thinking with breakthrough technology offerings and data solutions that provide faster insight, actionable recommendations, sustainable practices, and measurable benefits -- at a lower cost than traditional consulting methods.

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The security landscape is rapidly changing, and your security operations must too. Assess your security operations against national frameworks so that you can identify your most pressing cybersecurity risks and prioritize resources to mitigate those risks.


In light of COVID-19, distance education has never been more important. Evaluate the effectiveness of your distance education against accrediting standards so you can identify where to improve.

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