Institutional Health Assessment

(SEA)RESULTS® Institutional Health Assessment helps higher education leaders around the world to design a clear and actionable health report by benchmarking against more than 60 data points across operational, organizational, and technical dimensions of their institutions.

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...their institution's performance relative to similar institutions, to better understand its strengths and weaknesses.

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...opportunities to improve student outcomes and prioritize capital allocation decisions for their institution.

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...staff on best practices, and help them stay abreast of innovations.

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...performance over time to hold staff and vendors accountable.


Our higher education experts have a wealth of experience. We have expertise across the institution, including admissions, enrollment management, finance, financial aid, teaching and learning, operations, alumni development, and related technologies.

Our Quick Start Engagements can help you hit the ground running in an existing area of focus. In just one week (40 hours), we can provide an outside, expert analysis, so you can get started in the areas of highest need.

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Synthesize &
Chart Data


Findings Report


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& Recommend
Next Steps

Digital disruption impacts every business to one degree or another, but this is just the beginning. It's expected that this disruption will accelerate for every industry and company around the globe.

Understand the landscape

Align their digital strategy with their delivery

Prioritize and invest in the most impactful digital features/capabilities

Organize to best deliver on the vision that meets their digital needs

Simplified Enterprise Agile™

Simplified Enterprise Agile™ (SEA) is the first agile framework created for senior executives unfamiliar with the details of Agile and its benefits. A business-first model, SEA simplifies the process of prioritization and communication from enterprise goals through product delivery. SEA creates a model that aligns within your organization’s current leadership and IT organizational structure by improving processes in use today.

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Announcing (SEA)RESULTS® an innovative, enterprise-wide solution that delivers our expertise allowing you to benchmark your progress, understand how you compare to other institutions, and obtain up-to-date industry insight into your own institutional strengths and weaknesses. The overall results are free. Get started now at: https://higher.digital/sea-results/

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HIGHER DIGITAL Creates Revolutionary Diagnostic Solution for College and University Leaders

(SEA)RESULTS Institutional Health Assessment helps higher education leaders to evaluate and enhance their digital transformation strategy, by leveraging institutional data to create actionable, real-time insights.

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Higher Digital Goes Global with Privacy Protection

HIGHER DIGITAL turned questions about its personal data practices into an opportunity to improve customer satisfaction and address new GDPR requirements. We created a more transparent Privacy Policy and opt-in process, while removing boilerplate language that was unnecessarily intrusive, and went beyond anything we ever intended to do with customers’ personal data.

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Did you know that digital disruption is happening to every company and industry and most are not addressing the impending competitive pressures and financial risks? As technology and innovation continue to accelerate, you can expect revenue and profit pressures to grow. Are you where you want to be strategically and operationally to handle these market forces?


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