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(SEA)RESULTS™ Digital Health Assessment

For a limited time, we are offering our (SEA)RESULTS™ Digital Health Assessment to Higher Education Institutions at no cost.

This assessment is based upon our Simplified Enterprise Agile (SEA) model, which is business-centered and uniquely designed to enhance what you already have in place: organizationally, operationally, and technically. Our SEA model is for leaders who want to start delivering world-class digital services, without having to completely reorganize or create a long-term investment plan.


Are You Where You Want To Be?

Our experienced digital consultants help our clients achieve digital leadership. Our approach to digital transformation is guided by four distinctive elements:

We begin
with the end user.

We employ the latest and most relevant market and consumer intelligence to inform digital strategy.

We create nimble and focused organizations.

We help companies, regardless of size, implement an agile framework to prioritize their ideas.

We focus on
delivering value.

Our approach addresses all elements of IT — organization/talent, delivery capabilities, operations, and technology.

We take a proactive approach to
digital adoption.

Everyone in an organization must own digital transformation for it to succeed.

Digital Challenges Facing
Higher Education

Wayne Bovier, Founder and CEO of Higher Digital, delivered the day one keynote at Modo Labs' 2017 Kurogo Conference for mobile technology in higher education.


We Help Our Clients

Digital disruption impacts every business to one degree or another, but this is just the beginning. It’s expected that this disruption will accelerate for every industry and company around the globe

Understand the landscape

Align their digital strategy with their delivery

Prioritize and invest in the most impactful digital features/capabilities

Organize to best deliver on the vision that meets their digital needs


Simplified Enterprise Agile™

Simplified Enterprise Agile™ (SEA) is the first agile framework created for senior executives unfamiliar with the details of Agile and its benefits. A business-first model, SEA simplifies the process of prioritization and communication from enterprise goals through product delivery. SEA creates a model that aligns within your organization’s current leadership and IT organizational structure by improving processes in use today.

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Did you know that digital disruption is happening to every company and industry and most are not addressing the impending competitive pressures and financial risks? As technology and innovation continue to accelerate, you can expect revenue and profit pressures to grow. Are you where you want to be strategically and operationally to handle these market forces?


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