We are a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company committed to partnering with our client institutions for the long-term. We help them digitally transform in a faster and more cost-effective way than traditional methods.

Independent and agnostic digital expertise for higher education institutions covering:

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Why? We believe that to thrive amid accelerating technology innovation, successful institutions must tightly align leadership, academics and technology to meet the speed of students.

What? We deliver global industry expertise through technology that dramatically reduces the time and cost required for education executives to assess, plan and measure their digital strategies.

How? We offer an innovative service and the digital expertise to empower leaders to take control of their digital experience.

We provide the following digital transformation and consulting expertise in the following critical areas for institutions and higher education leaders, who are looking to improve their digital services and experiences:

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We help you SIMPLIFY your digital strategy and execution.

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How We Do It

How We Do It


The Case for Strategic Architecture in Higher Education

Part 2: The Skills of an Enterprise Architect – in which we explore the skills that one should look for in an Enterprise Architect.  They have a wide swath of responsibilities, goals, and authority, depending on the institution’s requirements as well as the basic skills and interests of the person who is filling that role.

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ICE Consortium Chooses Higher Digital’s (SEA)RESULTS Assessment Tool

Higher Digital, the leading digital strategic advisor to higher education institutions, today announced that the Independent College Enterprise (ICE) selected (SEA)RESULTS®, a digital transformation assessment tool. (SEA)RESULTS will allow ICE-member schools to independently benchmark technology and best practices against similar institutions to identify possible gaps.

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Higher Digital Releases Enhanced Planning Module for (SEA)RESULTS

Higher Digital today announced the release of Assess 2.0, an assessment and planning module for (SEA)RESULTS®, the company’s technology and organizational health assessment tool for higher education institutions. Assess 2.0 identifies which initiatives a university should prioritize to support institutional and student success, facilitating rapid internal alignment throughout a disparate organizational and budgetary structure.

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