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Brian Kraff

Brian Kraff

Chief Financial Officer

CFO Brian Kraff is responsible for financial strategy, fundraising, and corporate development activity. Kraff has a thirty-year career of growing early-stage businesses that capitalize on digital transformation trends. ​

As a CEO/founder, Kraff has built and exited multiple start-ups, demonstrating his early vision and ability to capitalize on Client-Server, Internet, Enterprise, and SaaS growth trends. Along the way, he has managed over 10 M&A transactions as a principal, including multiple exits to public companies.

Notably, in the pioneering days of the internet, Kraff built eStudentLoan – the first and largest comparison marketplace for student loans. At eStudentLoan, he partnered with the nation’s leading banks and hundreds of higher education institutions. He also founded Market Hardware – a digital solutions provider which has helped 40,000+ SMBs adopt online marketing.  ​

Brian has a B.A. from Cornell University and an M.B.A. from Columbia Business School.