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Your ERP

Your ERP

Your institution’s core business processes and student experience depend on an effectively implemented and managed Student Information System (SIS) and supporting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications.

But most institutions find themselves with poorly implemented SIS/ERP technologies that are hard to change and thus rapidly falling behind the state-of-the-art in process automation and student satisfaction.

Higher Digital can guide your ERP into the modern era, so that you can keep in step with your changing higher education environment.

Our Approach

Using our Simplified Enterprise Agile® process and Change Management as a Service™ methodology, we help you align stakeholder requirements with technical solutions that deliver rapid value without adding needless complexity or disruption.

Starting with a detailed analysis of your systems and dependencies, we help your organization:

  • Transition to a modern and mature cloud-based SIS that is agile, flexible, and delivers updates in a seamless way.

  • Ensure that systems work together, and data is available to those who need it.

  • Improve overall manageability while adhering to security, data protection, and compliance requirements.

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Learn more about how Change Management as a Service provides a proven, business-first answer to digital transformation.

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