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Thinking Digital
June 23, 2021

THE Campus: The digital shift will have many (positive) side-effects

CEO and Co-Founder, Wayne Bovier, and Rick Shangraw, President of Cintana Education, came together to discuss the digital shift that higher ed experienced in 2020, and it’s many long lasting, positive side-effects.

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eCampus News
March 18, 2021

eCampus News: Higher ed’s 2021 imperatives: Accessibility, delivery, affordability

Our CEO and Co-Founder Wayne Bovier details top trends education leaders can take away from 2020, and how those learnings can be applied in 2021 to increase the accessibility, delivery, and affordability of higher education.

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tall buildings
April 10, 2019

Strategic Architecture in Higher Ed

As part of the next phase of digital transformation, institutions and Information Technology (IT) departments will need to understand their entire architecture and be responsible for overseeing a consistent investment toward improving their digital experience and ecosystem.

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Students in Class
July 23, 2018

7 Strategic Steps to Dramatically Increase Student Engagement and Turn Frustration into Success!

Most of us are deeply engaged with technology. Our expectations are high for what our digital experiences should be, and our frustrations grow if they become complicated, confusing, and unclear. Higher Education, and many of the software solutions that support our institutions, are woefully behind most other industries in providing a cohesive, engaging, and supportive digital experience. This has to change.

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