Most of us are deeply engaged with technology. Our expectations are high for what our digital experiences should be, and our frustrations grow if they become complicated, confusing, or unclear. Higher Education, and many of the software solutions that support our institutions, are woefully behind most other industries in providing a cohesive, engaging, and supportive digital experience. This has to change.

Students in Class

Universities typically prioritize attracting students and helping them adjust to the higher education experience, but would be well served to follow students’ experience throughout college and beyond. The perspectives of administration, staff, and faculty are also important to consider. Necessary steps to improve the situation include prioritizing user experience (UX), studying end-users’ behavior, and listening to feedback.

Higher Digital’s Amy Shaw – a leading authority on user experience (UX) in higher education – provides concrete advice coupled with links to key resources for more details and tools in her new article, 7 Strategic Steps to Dramatically Increase Student Engagement and Turn Frustration into Success!