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Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

Digital Transformation is more than just integrating and upgrading digital technology or moving to the cloud. It requires a cultural change that enables organizations to continuously challenge current approaches, experiment, fail fast, and learn faster. Establishing this repeatable rhythm separates the leaders from the rest of the pack, but any organization can do it.

Enterprise Agile®

Our process, Simplified Enterprise Agile® (SEA), is the new operating system for strategic change management and the foundation for our offerings. Leveraging the spirit of Lean Agile methods, (SEA) combines the most effective practices from several common frameworks and dispenses with those that are less relevant and less practical for most enterprises.

Our engagement methodology is (SEA)change™, a comprehensive life cycle approach to Digital Transformation Management that:

  • “Jumps into the trench” with our customers
  • Adapts to your organizational structure
  • Provides vertical-industry-specific “surge expertise,” content training, and facilitation to methodically conquer strategic change
  • Simplifies the processes of prioritization and communication
  • Leverages current technology investments
  • Provides actionable, immediate, and measurable impact
  • Tightens alignment between leadership and development
  • Generates greater value in less time and at lower cost than traditional digital transformation consultants
  • Leaves our customers with the ability to sustain strategic change going forward

How does (SEA)change™ work?

(SEA)change™ is a business-first methodology that establishes your process for continuous Digital Transformation Management within the life cycle structure that we have proven as a best practice. It encompasses the following steps:


ASSESS stakeholders and participants to gauge readiness, maturity, alignment, and practical next steps.


STRATEGIZE to prioritize initiatives likely to provide the highest “return on transformation” (RoT) in pursuit of your enterprise vision.


TRANSFORM your organization, operations, and technology rhythm using Simplified Enterprise Agile (SEA).


MEASURE your change velocity, team alignment, and value created against your enterprise key performance indicators (KPIs). 

Our (SEA)change™ methodology is designed to accommodate any change initiative, regardless of size, complexity, or domain. Whether you’re ready to change from the top down with a fresh strategy; bottom up with new cloud infrastructure; in-between with operational system upgrades, migrations, or replacements; or all of the above, (SEA)change™ provides the process, training, and results your stakeholders need. Please review our listing of sample engagements to learn more about our specific capabilities.

Many of our clients start by implementing (SEA)change™ for a specific project or within a specific department or division, then expand their efforts more broadly once the first adopters have experienced positive results. When other groups within the organization see such rapid delivery of value, they become very receptive to adopting this approach so that their part of the enterprise can experience the same benefits. They realize that the process isn’t as daunting as expected, and opt to develop this new digital transformation muscle in concert with their stakeholders.

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The first step to making progress is knowing where you stand.Our (SEA)results® digital transformation assessment suite for colleges and universities offers data-driven assessments to help you understand how you are doing relative to critical success factors, and how you compare to other institutions.

When used to assess stakeholders and change agents before any major initiative, it highlights numerous factors critical to the success of that initiative, including relative importance opportunities, internal receptivity to change, operational readiness to transform, internal communications effectiveness, and benchmark comparisons to industry peers.

When used as a recurring assessment across any group, department, or enterprise, it provides continuous visibility and progress tracking across all these factors and your aggregate digital transformation maturity.

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Now more than ever, it is important to consider the impact of digital transformation on the culture of an organization. Embracing this cultural change from the top will be important in the efforts to reach more students and improve their experiences.

Distance Education

In light of COVID-19, distance education has never been more important. Evaluate the effectiveness of your distance education against accrediting standards so you can identify where to improve.


The security landscape is rapidly changing, and your security operations must too. Assess your security operations against national frameworks so that you can identify your most pressing cybersecurity risks and prioritize resources to mitigate those risks.

Digital Transformation

Beginning your digital transformation journey can be overwhelming. Obtain actionable digital transformation insight that is more cost effective and faster than traditional consulting methods.

(SEA)results Offerings

(SEA)results is offered in a variety of forms to suit your unique requirements and budget:

FREE Assessments

(SEA) results

(SEA) results+

Where you stand based on an expert view

Where you compare against industry peers

Recurring assessments for all members of the institution

Data visualization of results

Internal benchmarking against institutional stakeholders

Detailed report analyzing all three assessment domains (organization, operations and technology)

Quarterly consultation with one of our vertical-industry experts

Retainer consulting package that gives you scheduled “office hour” access to our higher education experts for assistance with:

  • Assessment results interpretation
  • Strategy
  • Prioritization
  • Organizational, operational, and digital transformation
  • Measurement