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Exploring the new Whys…in Higher Ed

Higher education is changing, and for good reason. The need for improved student experiences, better-enabled faculty, greater equity in both access and outcomes, increased automation, and more engaged leadership represents a collective necessity that is mothering tremendous invention…and innovation…and inspiration.

In each episode, you will experience hosts and guests pulling for the resurgence of Higher Ed, while identifying and discussing the best practices needed to accomplish that resurgence. Strategy and tactics; planning and execution; people, process, and technology – it’s all on the menu because that’s what’s required to truly transform.

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Episode 70

transformed: Transforming a Law School by Taking Its Signature Degree Online

In this episode in the Presidential Series of TRANSFORMED, Darby Dickerson – president and dean of Southwestern Law School – shares the institution’s new, unique offering of an online, ABA-accredited law degree for nontraditional students, with full-time or part-time options. Listen in to hear how Dean Dickerson applied tried and true change management techniques to develop […]

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Episode 70

transformed: Barbarians at the Higher Ed Table

In this episode in the Presidential Series of TRANSFORMED, Dr. John Jackson – president of William Jessup University – lists many barbarians at the higher ed table, and even counts himself as one. He shares his FDA approach – flexible, distributed and accessible – that drives his leadership decisions at Jessup University, while running the […]

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Episode 69

transformed: Higher Ed Myths, Trends, and Future Practices

In this episode, Casey Green – creator of the Campus Computing Project and award-winning industry analyst in higher ed – dives deep into past myths, present trends, and future practices for higher ed leaders to consider as they drive their institutions’ strategy, evolution, and operation. Casey covers all the bases from multiple perspectives, exploring these topics […]

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Episode 68

transformed: The New Provost: Accelerating Change in Complex Times

In this episode, Dr. Junius Gonzales – Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs at Montclair State University – describes his experience as a higher ed leader, including his beliefs that change and innovation are best accomplished with diverse talent, starting with projects that are likely to succeed and establish momentum, while following clearly established and foundational […]

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Episode 67

transformed: Liberal Learning and Applied Arts: Higher Ed Blueprint for the Age of AI?

In this episode, Dr. Bryon Grigsby – President at Moravian University – offers his perspective on the value of a liberal learning and applied arts education coupled with faculty who embrace the societal changes impacting students, especially adult learners, in real-time. Grigsby contends higher education has an even greater societal role now, as technology makes information, and disinformation, more […]

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Episode 66

transformed: Courageous Leadership for Impactful Transformation

In this episode, Miloš Topić – Vice President for Information Technology & Chief Digital Officer at Grand Valley State University – reveals his actions and approach to higher ed leadership, including acting in the best interest of whole institution vs. holding onto a functional focus, shining a spotlight on institutional relevance, and nurturing flexibility to minimize friction throughout the […]

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Episode 65

transformed: Surviving a Presidential Ouster Through Focus on Transformation Results

In this episode, Dr. Brenda Allen – President at Lincoln University – shares her story about becoming a stronger leader after facing an ouster early in her time as president. In the years since she was an undergrad at Lincoln, through her time as faculty at multiple Ivy Leagues, then her transition back to the […]

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Episode 64

transformed: Overcoming Imperfect Incentives to Serve Learners of All Ages

In this episode, Dr. Lisa Vollendorf – President at Empire State University – highlights her institution’s focus not only on “first-time, full-time” students, retention, and graduation rates, but more importantly on what best serves the four generations of students enrolled. Combine programs that support that driving value with their partnerships with companies, unions, state agencies, […]

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Episode 63

transformed: Organizational Mutations Leading to Higher Ed Evolution

In this episode, Len Jessup – President at Claremont Graduate University – not only is first to ask if he is a “mutation,” but shares how he came to his current role while explaining the evolution of the presidential career path, driven by governance boards’ desires for change agent leaders, and other mutations leading to […]

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Episode 62

transformed: Alignment as a Catalyst for Positive Change

In this episode, Tom Andriola – Vice Chancellor for Data and Information Technology, Chief Digital Officer at the University of California, Irvine – shares how aligning across the critical elements of people, culture, technology and data acts as a catalyst for positive change.   References:  Tom Andriola, Vice Chancellor for Data and Information Technology, Chief Digital Officer at […]

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As president of Higher Digital, Joe supports customers with strategy development, change management, and strategic operations. He is energized by the complex challenges and profound opportunities facing higher education and is motivated to have and share discussions around these topics.

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