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With 75+ years of higher education experience, Higher Digital provides consulting over the entire student lifecycle – from marketing & recruitment, to enrollment & admissions management, through student information & learning, and finally, alumni development. We’re conversant with academic, student information, communication, and operational systems, including finance and human resources.

Product Management

An effective Product Management strategy closely integrates software development with business goals and perspectives. This aligns technology with customer needs and improves organizational agility, leading to the delivery of better products, more quickly. We help you achieve this vision by providing strategic oversight and direction for all of your digital products & services.
  • Product management and digital experience without hiring full-time staff
  • Product roadmap with clear priorities and investments
  • Deep understanding of external market forces and options
  • Product evaluations and go-to-market strategies
  • Product features definition and prioritization
  • Problem/solution assessments
  • Product capabilities development & training

User Experience (UX)

Experience design is much more than the look & feel of an application. It is the practice of designing products, processes, services, and journeys, focusing throughout on the quality of the user experience. We work with you to develop user experiences tailored to the needs, goals, and behaviors of your constituents — from initial research and strategy to design and testing.
  • Understanding & Research — Gain a deep understanding of your end-users through interviews, competitive analysis, user personas, and archetypes. Test solutions as they are developed to confirm that usability is improved and end-user needs are met.
  • Definition & Strategy — Combine research and input from stakeholders to determine where problems exist and define strategies to tackle them.
  • Ideation & Design — Conduct workshops with stakeholders to determine opportunities and approaches. Prototype solutions to be tested and later implemented.
  • Training & Coaching — Train your staff about UX, user-centered design, design thinking, and conducting research, enabling you to prioritize users' needs and continually improve usability.

Technology Strategy & Planning

Information technology and digital services have become critical components of every modern organization, altering customer interactions and expectations, and upending entire industries. We provide strategic planning services that enable you to align your technology efforts to your overall organizational goals and strategy.
  • High-level business plans for current and/or future investments
  • Comprehensive review of market and domain best practices
  • Tight alignment between portfolio and delivery
  • Agile development and DevOps delivery assessment
  • Technology and vendor evaluation/selection
  • Vendor oversight and engagement

Program/Portfolio Management

Priorities, influence, and technological change are typical of challenges faced when bringing digital products and services to market. It can be difficult to maintain a focus on innovation, while balancing such competing factors. We have the expertise to manage a portfolio of interrelated products, dependencies, and unique processes, while coordinating each to successful delivery.
  • Program implementation approach and roadmap
  • Executive and steering committee status reporting
  • Program communications including all stakeholders and participants
  • Risk assessment and mitigation strategies
  • Successful delivery of related product releases to production

Change Management & Digital Adoption

Organizational change can easily disrupt operations; significant changes, often involving the adoption of new tools or technologies, require careful preparation and communication. Deployment plans, updated procedures, and staff training are all critical components of digital adoption. We help you achieve smooth transitions through the ongoing changes facing today’s organizations.
  • Change management approach
  • Change infrastructure and support
  • Communications coordination and town hall meetings
  • Training development and coordination
  • PMO efficiency and effectiveness within Agile processes
  • Measurement and reporting of benefits/results

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