Higher Digital selects partners that help us provide quality and value to our clients. Partners contribute to our assessment products and provide key tools that improve our delivery of services and their results. 

We can assure you that we don't play favorites when evaluating vendors or technologies. There are no incentives for us to provide anything but independent, vendor agnostic advice to our clients, resulting in optimal outcomes that benefit everyone involved.

Our Partners

Lingk provides Integration-as-a-Service (IaaS), including its integration platform, tools, and experts to help you put it all together. Our partnership with Lingk combines two new, innovative services that lower the cost and complexity of digital transformation, while freeing up limited IT resources to address enterprise architecture and other priorities.

Higher Digital is working with the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) to develop an assessment tool, the (SEA)RESULTS® Distance Education Accreditation Assessment, which will help DEAC members and Higher Digital clients to establish and maintain high-quality distance education programs in the face of accelerating technological change and innovation.

Out now! DEAC and Higher Digital's jointly produced Distance Education Effectiveness Assessment.

AMSimpkins & Associates (AMSA), a minority owned company, provides higher education institutions with integrations, innovation, and automation services, as well as long-term service and support for higher education ERP/SIS software from all vendors. Higher Digital will work with them to re-engineer institutions’ business processes and develop requirements for systems and integrations that AMSA will then build, deploy, and support long-term.

Higher Digital continually evaluates proposals for new partnerships that will benefit our clients and improve our delivery of products and services. Please Contact Us to find out more about our Partner Program.