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Case Studies

Case Studies

Any institution, of any size or budget, can become an innovator. Explore how we help clients tackle their challenges, improve their operations, and enhance the value of the education they deliver.

University of Southampton and Higher Digital Create Roadmap of Top Priority Customisations to Simplify Student Information System

The University of Southampton teamed with Higher Digital to analyze, prioritize and track transformation and modernization of 15+ years of customizations in their Student Information System. Resulting roadmap in hand, the University’s technology lead can plan and adjust their next steps, based on the priorities agreed across the leadership team. 

Read more about these engagements in the UoS Case Study (pdf)

Southern New Hampshire University Selects Higher Digital for Modernization Initiative

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) selected Higher Digital to spearhead an ambitious digital transformation initiative, resulting in the creation of SNHU’s Enterprise Service Bus, a platform of shared services. The university also adopted Higher Digital’s Simplified Enterprise Agile™ Framework—(SEA)change—to build a collaborative process that closed communication gaps and brought teams together.

Read more about these engagements in the SNHU Case Study (pdf).

Southern New Hampshire University Case Study

American University Adopts (SEA)change™ to Achieve Agile Digital Transformation

American University (AU) needed the ability to rapidly deploy its digital transformation initiatives in order to meet the ambitious goals outlined in a new strategic plan. Higher Digital instituted a new agile process that let AU roll out new projects on a continuous basis, while keeping users—from faculty to students to donors—at the center of everything.

Read more about these engagements in the AU Case Study (pdf).

American University Case Study


Transformation Case Study Examples

An East Coast Private Research University


A major private research university located on the East coast came to us because it needed help to transform its graduate recruitment and admissions departments. Specifically, it was interested in quickly delivering improvements to both the digital experience and outcomes with prospects.


In 3 months, Higher Digital assessed and recommended an organizational alignment and unified digital plan between IT, recruiting, and admissions.


Within 8 weeks, the university was able to deliver 100% of committed work by IT, which in turn delivered system capabilities that enabled it to surpass winter 2018 recruiting and admissions goals.

A Midwest Liberal Arts University


A small liberal arts university located in the Midwest came to us because it needed our help to transform its student experience and improve its digital support services. Specifically, it was interested in changing a major IT architectural component to strategically grow its student population.


Over 6 months, Higher Digital engaged with leadership, staff, and vendors to determine the best solution to drive future growth.


Using (SEA)results®, we engaged with students and incorporated their assessments into our strategic analysis. The university was able to accelerate its decision-making process while clarifying the role of technology in its future growth and strategic plans.

A Large Midwest Community College


A large community college located in a major metropolitan area came to us because it needed help transforming its workforce and continuing education offerings in order to support more corporate clients’ needs. Specifically, it was interested in growing but had been severely limited by its manual processes and disconnected systems.


Over 3 months, Higher Digital engaged with leadership, staff, and vendors to determine the best solution to drive future growth.


The community college was able to address and plan for its scalability and process challenges impacting current corporate partnerships, and more importantly, potential future partnerships. We were able to help it transform to meet the growing market demand for employee re-training and certification offerings.

A Large Northeast University


A large national university came to us because it needed enterprise architectural help to prepare for an anticipated 100% increase in student population and an overhaul of its integration architecture.


Higher Digital provided ecosystem-wide assessment, strategies, and recommendations that would both improve performance and maintain security for significant future growth, while also helping to architect and deploy a new integration architecture.


The university was able to transform its applicant-to-student experience from a process that took multiple days into one that could be completed in 30 minutes by building reusable integrations.

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