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February 25, 2019

Is Ed Tech Hype in Remission? Or Rebalancing?

Monty Python movie quote: "Ah! I see you have the machine that goes "PING"!

In yet another fantastic, must read article in e-Literate, Michael Feldstein says: “(T)he (higher education) sector still lacks end-to-end methodologies for restructuring our colleges and universities to optimize themselves for this purpose and continually improve at it.”

This is exactly why HIGHER DIGITAL was founded — to provide institutions with the methodologies and software services needed to independently and quickly assess, plan, and measure technology strategies across the enterprise, in a completely ground-breaking way.

We use advanced technology to deliver our expertise in less time and for less cost than can be acquired via traditional methods and options. Instead of taking weeks and months, and tens of thousands of dollars, we can align your institutional stakeholders, provide industry benchmarking, deliver a fully custom diagnostic report and strategic plan, and measure your goals — all in a matter of hours, and at significantly less cost.

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Reprinted from an earlier LinkedIn post.

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