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Change Management

Change Management

Higher Digital’s Change Management Assessment is designed to help higher education institutions assess the completeness of their approach and their ability to execute when managing requests for new processes and systems that require changes to technology. Some change requests come from the institution’s strategic plan, such as launching a new campus or new degree program. Other change requests come from the technology itself, such as rolling out a new version of the Student Information System. Regardless of the origin of these requests, they represent a portfolio of potential change that should be managed with a single change management process guided from the top by institution leadership.  

Our Approach

The Change Management Assessment is written so that all roles in the institution may quickly complete it in less than ten minutes, based on their perspective of the institution’s change management process. While no single role player will be aware of all details, the goal of the assessment is to gauge whether the institution is managing change holistically, with different layers of the organization knowing enough and engaging enough to carry out their responsibilities to the organization. 

The assessment questions focus on the practices that should be included in a comprehensive change management process, and the outcomes that an effective change management process should produce. Your assessment results are automatically graphed on our 2×2 Digital Maturity Matrix, whose x-axis reflects your impressions of your institution’s change management process sophistication (practices) and whose y-axis reflects your institution’s change management process execution (outcomes). Various views of your Digital Maturity Matrix allow you to benchmark your results against those of other institutions… 


…and drill down into each of the four parallel life cycles that comprise effective change management: 



Your assessment results also include a summary description of your position on the Digital Maturity Matrix, complete with high level recommendations for how your institution might improve its position. 

Higher Digital offers this baseline Change Management Assessment for free to help all institutions begin the process of mastering effective and efficient change management. If you want to continue the journey as a Higher Digital customer, please contact us. Our customers are active practitioners of continuous improvement, leveraging our data, software and expert facilitation to operationalize the new process muscles required to exceed their strategic and operational goals. 


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