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Culture Assessment Launches at EDUCAUSE 2020

Culture Assessment Launches at EDUCAUSE 2020

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Digital transformation is more than just integrating and upgrading digital technology or moving to the cloud. It often requires a cultural change. Now more than ever, it is important to consider the role that your culture will play in your digital transformation, whether you are replacing your Student Information System, evolving your online delivery capabilities, or reimagining the student experience.

Higher Digital has developed a culture assessment that measures your cultural readiness for change, benchmarks you against other institutions, and shares insights that will improve your chances for success. Any employee at your institution can take our assessment for free and see the results immediately.

If you have any questions about our culture assessment, visit our EDUCAUSE virtual booth to schedule a meeting with a senior member of our team to discuss more!

Culture Assessment

Will your institution’s culture make or break its digital transformation success? Find out where you stand today.

Take our culture assessment and be entered for your chance to win a

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