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Webinar: Embracing Change in Higher Education

Webinar: Embracing Change in Higher Education

A Higher Digital Webinar

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August 6, 2020

Our live webinar has concluded. You can now access a recording to share the insights with your peers.

Watch the Recording

It seems that everybody in higher education has been talking for some time about a myriad of disruptive forces and the need to respond with effective change. COVID-19 has made all of this harder, creating a “tactical crisis” that forced institutions to align and execute a coordinated response to safeguard students, faculty and staff; transition to remote work for operations; and deliver courses online. But institutions must now face the underlying “strategic crisis” if they are to sustain the tactical response or better yet reimagine how they will thrive amidst the new market realities.

How can institutions leverage industry disruption to drive a new level of strategic organizational alignment? How can institutions leverage this alignment to drive proactive rather than reactive digital transformation? Watch this webinar recording as CEO Wayne Bovier and President Joe Gottlieb host a lively discussion of these questions and answers that are evident from top leadership practices.

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  • Gain perspective on industry change and how to view it tactically and strategically;

  • Learn best practices for constructive engagement with change stakeholders that transcend organizational infighting;

  • Understand how leaders have leveraged the pressure of change to drive organizational urgency, strategic alignment, and digital business innovation;

  • Discover foundational success factors for sustainable digital transformation efforts.

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WEBINAR Presenters

Wayne Bovier

Wayne Bovier

Co-Founder and CEO
Higher Digital

Wayne Bovier has spent over ten years in global higher education. He leverages his expertise in the higher education ecosystem to build upon his vision to help institutions dramatically improve their approach to digital transformation initiatives. With over 20 years of experience leading global product teams and organizations that have consitently delivered strong results, he lends his strategic perspective to the development of products and services that are laser-focused on solving his customers' biggest pain points.

Joe Gottlieb

Joe Gottlieb

Higher Digital

Joe Gottlieb has spent his entire career helping enterprises to digitally transform, combining the broad view needed to grapple with heterogeneous IT architectures with the specialized perspectives required to address disruptive challenges and opportunities in identity management, security, cloud computing, databases, and networking. He assists Higher Digital customers with strategy development, change management, and strategic operations, energized by the complex challenges and profound opportunities facing higher education.