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Jess Evans, Ph.D.

Jess Evans, Ph.D.

Vice President, Strategic Services

As Vice President, Strategic Services, Dr. Jess Evans leads the planning, execution and delivery of consulting engagements, while offering strategic advice and guidance to meet clients’ most pressing business needs. Over more than 25 years, she has transformed IT and technology leadership across sectors like banking, insurance, manufacturing, and consulting, leveraging innovative thinking and deep expertise.​

Previously, Evans spearheaded technology transformations as a CIO, CISO, and COO in higher education. She oversaw large change management initiatives encompassing developers, architects, product experts, and technology leaders. As a transformation expert, Evans applied technical mastery and strategic vision to create unified change plans across campuses while revamping user experiences.​

Evans has a robust background in IT strategy and digital transformation, demonstrating proficiency in cutting-edge technologies and data management. Evans’ experience developing IT infrastructure and cloud-based solutions is notable, reflecting her ability to leverage technology for organizational growth.​

Her expertise encompasses next-generation technology initiatives, such as software-defined networks, infrastructure-as-code, cloud-first/cloud-native strategies, generative AI, quantum computing, and agile development practices. The outcome of her efforts is a standardized and sustainable IT environment, leading to substantial operational and productivity gains. ​

Evans developed the Credible Leadership Theory framework based on her doctoral research into effective senior IT leadership. With this model, she has extensive experience in digital transformation, business strategy, customer experience, strategic planning, technology operations, and nurturing organizational cultures for innovation. Her pioneering approach earned Evans global acclaim, including “Most Influential Women in Tech 2022,” Top 100 Women in Technology, and a “Design and Innovation Fellow” honor.​