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Mathieu Naud

Mathieu Naud

Enterprise Architect, Senior Consultant

Mathieu Naud is part of both Higher Digital’s North American and European teams. He works alongside universities and organizations providing technical expertise on architectural designs, integrations and critical development initiatives.

Naud has over 18 years of relevant Higher Ed experience with Laval University and EdTech Companies. Prior to joining Higher Digital, Naud worked on large projects for Canadian, American and European Higher Education institutions. Global Higher Education technology providers also involved Mathieu in initial ERP implementations and proof of concept, working with Ellucian, U4SM, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics platforms.

Naud’s passion for complex problem-solving and his thirst for knowledge result in exploration and engagement with the latest technologies . Areas of expertise include cloud solutions, IPaaS platforms, APIs, DevOps, and security implementations. Naud has focused on helping Higher Education institutions reach their full potential, and he remains very committed to this objective.

Naud has a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Laval University, as well as being trained in multiple Agile roles and modern development techniques.