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Robert Metcalf

Robert Metcalf

Enterprise Architect

Robert Metcalf is part of Higher Digital’s UK team working alongside universities and other organizations to consult on architectural designs for systems, integrations, and development practices.

Having spent many years as a software engineer, developer, and architect, Metcalf is passionate about creating simple solutions which deliver business value. Metcalf has worked with a wide range of technologies including cloud, integration, database, and others. Knowledge and experience of a wide range of technologies means Metcalf can deploy the right solution reducing the complexity required to deliver the business goals.

Metcalf has worked as an integration expert at a leading UK university, integrating data between Oracle HR, payroll and student systems, data warehouses, building management, cloud applications, Ellucian and other university systems.

Previously, Metcalf worked for a cloud-based start-up on the platform engineering team, developing systems using AWS and promoting best practices across the development teams. Using AWS tools and DevOps processes, he ensured consistent reliable deployments of key systems could occur multiple times per day without risk to the business.

Outside of his professional life Metcalf is a technology enthusiast; but also enjoys hurtling down ski slopes in far flung places, traveling, and exploring the world. Metcalf is a dedicated lifelong learner and is always dipping into subjects unusual to him such as psychology, economics, and electronics.