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A Higher Digital Podcast

Exploring the new Whys…in Higher Ed

Higher education is changing, and for good reason. The need for improved student experiences, better-enabled faculty, greater equity in both access and outcomes, increased automation, and more engaged leadership represents a collective necessity that is mothering tremendous invention…and innovation…and inspiration.

In each episode, you will experience hosts and guests pulling for the resurgence of Higher Ed, while identifying and discussing the best practices needed to accomplish that resurgence. Strategy and tactics; planning and execution; people, process, and technology – it’s all on the menu because that’s what’s required to truly transform.

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Episode 17

transformed: The Intersection of Business and Digital Transformation

President Joe Gottlieb welcomes Aimee Leishure, former SVP of Business Transformation at Laureate, to dive into the intersections of business transformation and digital transformation and how it can enhance the student experience.

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Episode 16

transformed: What’s Next for the Higher Ed Industry

President Joe Gottlieb sat down with CEO and Co-Founder Wayne Bovier to discuss 2U’s acquisition of edX and what this means for the higher ed industry.

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Episode 15

transformed: Women in Higher Ed IT

This week, Joe Gottlieb sat down with Dr. Saundra Williams for a discussion about womens’ roles in transforming the higher education industry.

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Episode 14

transformed: Online Education – A Key Disruptor in Higher Ed

This week, Joe Gottlieb sat down with Rick Shangraw, President of Cintana Education, to discuss how higher ed institutions are eliminating the geographical and financial barriers to quality education by employing online learning.

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Episode 13

transformed: DEI and Its Pivotal Role in Higher Ed

This week, Joe Gottlieb sat down with Kim Wells to discuss diversity, equity and inclusion and its many facets in higher ed – from code switching to sharing how leadership can cultivate these principles at the institutional level.

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Episode 12

transformed: Postsecondary Value, Social Justice, and Motivation

President Joe Gottlieb sat down with CEO and Co-Founder Wayne Bovier to discuss postsecondary value and social justice in higher education and the motivation to get there.

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Episode 11

transformed: Online Program Management…Is it right for your institution?

Higher Digital President Joe Gottlieb sat down with CEO and Co-Founder Wayne Bovier to discuss the ins and outs of online program management (OPM) and its crucial role in higher ed.

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Episode 10

transformed: Using Technology and Innovation to Improve Accessibility

Higher Digital President Joe Gottlieb sat down with Amy Shaw, the Senior Director of Customer and User Experience at Higher Digital, to discuss how higher education institutions can utilize technology to transform the student experience and improve accessibility.

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Episode 9

transformed: The Virtues of Enterprise Architecture and How it is Manifesting at SNHU

Higher Digital President Joe Gottlieb sat down with Nicholas Eremita, the Vice President of Enterprise Planning and Strategic Enablement at Southern New Hampshire University and Jason Pyle, the Vice President of Digital Integrations and Architecture at Higher Digital.

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Episode 8

transformed: Cultural Change and Digital Transformation at the University of Greenwich

Higher Digital President Joe Gottlieb sat down with Paul Butler, Director of Information & Library Services at University of Greenwich and Higher Digital Advisory Board Member, to chat about the university’s digital strategy to discover the ways in which the university uses data to support cultural change and decision making.

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About The Host


As president of Higher Digital, Joe supports customers with strategy development, change management, and strategic operations. He is energized by the complex challenges and profound opportunities facing higher education and is motivated to have and share discussions around these topics.

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