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Culture Assessment


Culture Assessment

Will your culture make or break your digital transformation?

Institutions are learning that the most challenging part of digital transformation and IT modernization is the cultural re-alignment that’s required. Higher Digital has developed a data-driven culture assessment to help any institution obtain actionable data to better align their culture in this new age of digital learning.

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What We Assess


Your organizational score indicates how well your institution’s underlying values and beliefs are understood, prioritized, and communicated.


Your operational score indicates how well the underlying values and beliefs of your institution are represented and reinforced through the processes and systems of the organization.


Your technical score indicates how well your use of technology has contributed to shaping and differentiating your culture.

Your Results

Regardless of the size or complexity of your institution and/or technology portfolio, our Culture Assessment will help you understand 1) how you are doing relative to critical success factors, and 2) how you compare to other institutions.

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Culture Assessment Benefits

  • Determine your cultural readiness for digital transformation across three dimensions: Organizational, Operational, and Technical.
  • Quickly prioritize your most important improvement areas to increase your chances for digital transformation success.
  • Benchmark your results across the industry on cultural aspects of digital transformation.
  • Build awareness of cultural readiness for digital transformation across the institution.

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