There’s a lot of complexity in Digital Transformation, and most of it isn’t technical! (SEA)results® cuts through this complexity and provides insight into action— faster/better/cheaper than traditional consulting methods. 

(SEA)results® is an automated organizational survey developed from our collective knowledge of organizational behavior, operations, culture, and technology. When used to assess stakeholders and change agents before any major initiative, it highlights numerous factors critical to the success of that initiative, including relative importance of improvement opportunities, internal receptivity to change, operational readiness to transform, internal communications effectiveness, and benchmark comparisons to industry peers. When used as a recurring assessment practice across any group, department, or enterprise, it provides continuous visibility and progress tracking across all of these factors and your aggregate digital transformation maturity.

(SEA)results® is offered in a variety of forms to suit your unique requirements and budget:

  • Our FREE assessment allows any individual representing any higher education institution to see how it works and learn how they compare to industry peers.
  • Our (SEA)results offering includes recurring assessments for all members of the institution, data visualization of results, data benchmarking, a detailed report analyzing all three assessment domains (organization, operations, and technology), and quarterly consultation with one of our vertical-industry experts.
  • Our (SEA)results+ offering includes everything provided by (SEA)results, plus a retainer consulting package that gives you scheduled “office hour” access to our vertical-industry experts for assistance with assessment results interpretation, strategy, transformation imperative prioritization, digital transformation, and KPI measurement.

Get started today by taking our free assessment.

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