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We are a pioneering breed of experienced, hands-on practitioners, who combine sound strategy with innovative delivery processes to guide organizations through the journey of digital transformation and increased competition.

Digital disruption impacts every business to one degree or another, but this is just the beginning. It’s expected that this disruption will accelerate for every industry and company around the globe.

Although the consumer market is accelerating at break-neck speed, most industries are just starting to transform and re-imagine their businesses to meet the challenges posed by the digital transformation.

Now is the time for companies and higher education institutions to embrace emerging digital technologies; to re-invent all aspects of their business models; and to consider how digital/software will impact their sales, marketing, operations, IT, decision-making, and customer engagement. It is critical that executives of these organizations begin now and be as fearless and comprehensive as possible.


SEA Model

Higher Digital’s Simplified Enterprise Agile™ (SEA) is a business-first model that simplifies the process of prioritization and communication from enterprise goals through product delivery. It’s a light-weight and easy to implement model that:

Adapts to your organizational structure

Leverages current technology investments

Provides actionable and immediate impact

Tightens alignment between leadership and development


Simplified Enterprise Agile™

Adoption and commitment to SEA will improve some or all of the following company key performance indicators (KPI’s):



Transparency and commitment

Confidence on deliverables

Staff morale

Maintenance time and expense

Product quality

Market and competitive responsiveness

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Did you know that digital disruption is happening to every company and industry and most are not addressing the impending competitive pressures and financial risks? As technology and innovation continue to accelerate, you can expect revenue and profit pressures to grow. Are you where you want to be strategically and operationally to handle these market forces?

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