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September 4, 2018

HIGHER DIGITAL Creates Revolutionary Diagnostic Solution for College and University Leaders

(SEA)RESULTS® Institutional Health Assessment helps higher education leaders to evaluate and enhance their digital transformation strategy, by leveraging institutional data to create actionable, real-time insights.

September 4, 2018—Tysons, VA—HIGHER DIGITAL®, a global consulting and software firm that provides expert product management and digital transformation services, announced today the availability of (SEA)RESULTS® Institutional Health Assessment, an innovative digital transformation benchmarking and management solution for higher education.

(SEA)RESULTS®Institutional Health Assessment helps higher education leaders obtain real-time, expert feedback, and improves their understanding of risks and challenges, by benchmarking against more than 60 data points across operational, organizational, and technical dimensions of their institution.

With (SEA)RESULTS®, college and university leaders will be empowered to:

  • Benchmark performance relative to similar institutions to better understand their strengths and weaknesses;
  • Identify opportunities to improve student outcomes and prioritize capital allocation decisions for the institution;
  • Educate staff on best practices and help them stay abreast of innovations;
  • Measure performance and strategy over time to hold staff and vendors accountable.

“We recognize that students, faculty, and staff expect a modern experience at every touch point when they are on our campus. That’s only possible if technology is seen as a strategic enabler that is critical to reaching our goals,” said Bob Wisler, Chief Information Officer of Northwood University. “(SEA)RESULTS® gives the executive team within our institution a roadmap on how we can improve, bringing our Key Performance Indicators to life in an easy-to-digest digital health score. It’s a reality check into how we’re making an impact.”  

“Over the years, we’ve heard institutional leaders express a need to chart their own unique path forward to meet the accelerating needs of students and faculty. This means that the traditional IT cost-center model is evolving into a more cohesive and strategic one, embedded in all operations and at all levels throughout the institution,” says Wayne Bovier, CEO of Higher Digital. “We designed (SEA)RESULTS® to uniquely address institutional leaders need to cost-effectively make Information Technology (IT) more strategic and central to their mission.”

“When we think about the future of American University, digital is at the forefront. Improvements to the student experience, hitting our revenue targets, and improving our overall reputation are incredibly important elements that are reflected in our technology roadmap. To measure our progress, we need a framework that captures our current state of maturity, benchmarks against our peers and industry leaders, and provides a clear pathway to our desired future state. Our partnership with Higher Digital will provide us with this framework, which is key to helping us realize our vision for a Digital AU,” Dave Swartz, Vice President and CIO of American University.

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HIGHER DIGITAL® is a global consulting and software company that partners with institution leaders to evaluate and enhance their digital strategy. We leverage data from our (SEA)RESULTS® Institutional Health Assessment, to provide expert, real-time insights and recommendations based on technical, organizational and operational dimensions.  Using our innovative delivery process, (SEA)™ change, we work directly with you to create a clear and cohesive approach for reducing technology gaps, improving user experience, and delivering on the mission of student success.

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