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December 27, 2021

Higher Digital’s Year in Podcasts

This was the inaugural year for our podcast, transformed – and what a year it has been. Our podcast host and Higher Digital President Joe Gottlieb recorded seventeen episodes, during which he interviewed experts from across the higher ed community to discuss innovations, challenges, and trends impacting students, staff, faculty, and beyond. While the podcasts covered a wide range of topics – from culture change to online program management to diversity, equity, and inclusion to enterprise architecture – all reflected best practices that help colleges and universities digitally transform.

To revisit our year of podcasts, here are the six episodes that our audience enjoyed the most: 


  1. Cultural Change and Digital Transformation at the University of Greenwich

Paul Butler, Director of Information & Library Services at University of Greenwich and Higher Digital Advisory Board Member, spoke to the university’s digital strategy to discover the ways in which the university uses data to support cultural change and decision making. University of Greenwich has used Higher Digital’s services for digital transformation projects, which you can read more about in this case study.

  1. The Role of Enterprise Architect as Tech Debt Slayer

Earlier this year, Higher Digital hosted a webinar on the topic of technical debt, and the CFO’s role to reduce it. Higher Digital also announced the launch of their new technical debt assessment, which is a short survey to help arm institutions with the insight and guidance they need to start tackling tech debt. 

To further dive into the topic of tech debt, Gwen Kerdiles, VP of Services at Higher Digital Amsterdam, discussed the enterprise architect’s unique perspective and power over technical debt. Listen to the episode to discover how EAs can act as tech debt slayers

  1. Online Education – A Key Disruptor in Higher Ed

Amidst a year of online education, Rick Shangraw, President of Cintana Education, joined us on the podcast to discuss how higher education institutions are eliminating the geographical and financial barriers to quality education through technology and online learning. Listen to the episode to hear Shangraw dive into the many possibilities and benefits of online learning. 

  1. The Future of Strategic Change Management

In October, Higher Digital announced (SEA)change™, which provides institutions with a change management service that aligns technology investments with an institution’s vision, strategy, operations and culture. Behind (SEA)change™ is Colleen Baker, Higher Digital co-founder and COO, who was also named a Power Woman in Tech by DCA Live. 

Colleen was featured in this recent episode of transformed where she and Joe discussed the results of an in-booth poll from the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference and the ways a process like (SEA)change™ can help institutions digitally transform. 

  1. Using Technology and Innovation to Improve Accessibility

Amy Shaw, the Senior Director of Customer and User Experience at Higher Digital, joined Joe Gottlieb in an episode earlier this year. They discussed the ways that higher education institutions can transform the student experience and improve accessibility for students through the use of technology. 

  1. Cultural Extremes and the New Class of Disruptors in Higher Ed 

Wayne Bovier, Higher Digital co-founder and CEO, joined Joe Gottlieb to record a number of episodes throughout the year, but the episode that made the most impressions on our audience was this episode recorded in early 2021 about how to cultivate a culture for change in higher education. Wayne and Joe discussed the ways that continually cultivating a specific culture can help institutions become more comfortable and effective with change. If interested in taking a deeper dive on this subject, view Higher Digital’s on-demand webinar

We’ve enjoyed producing new, relevant, and innovative content about the latest news and happenings in higher ed. If you’d like to stay up to date with our podcasts as episodes are released, sign up for our newsletter. 

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