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September 24, 2019

Job Market Disruptions Inspire Institutional Transformation

Higher Digital’s CEO discusses challenges and opportunities created by automation and other disruptions in a new Medium article.

Higher Education institutions have an incredible opportunity to increase enrollment and remain viable in today’s uncertain market. The modern workplace is evolving rapidly, so workers in many industries need to develop new or enhanced skills—either to keep up with changing technology in their current positions or to prepare for new positions/careers. This is leading many large companies to set up subsidized retraining programs in partnership with higher ed institutions, and increasing consumer demand for education and training programs designed to help workers advance their careers.

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Higher Digital CEO Wayne Bovier describes the challenges and opportunities presented by this evolving job market in today’s Medium article, Grow or Die – The Case for Education Institutions to Capitalize on the Rapidly Evolving Needs of An Automated Job Market. In it, he describes the ways that this growing market is different, and outlines the nimble transformations that institutions will need to execute to serve it effectively, and ultimately, to succeed and grow.

  • Prospective students occupy a different demographic, consisting of older, mid-career students, often working full-time;
  • These students are sometimes underwritten by the corporations sponsoring such retraining programs, requiring completely different payment models;
  • The programs themselves often need to either cover new/current/different technologies and job requirements, confer different kinds of credentials, or report results to different stakeholders.

Read Wayne’s article to find out more about what institutions need to do  to meet these challenges, and how Higher Digital can help.

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