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Coronavirus Resources for Higher Education

The coronavirus has disrupted everything everywhere, incuding higher education. The campuses of most higher education institutions in the US and in many other countries have been closed, most likely requiring a crash course in online teaching and learning. Read Higher Digital's take on the challenges involved, and list of resources where you can find information, advice, tools, and more.


We realise that whilst Higher Education is relatively universal, the challenges and priorities facing Universities and Colleges in this region differ somewhat from the USA.  Higher Digital is able to offer locally tailored services to help you in your Digital Transformation journey.

As an example, let us consider 3 key challenges facing Universities in the UK.

Global Competition

UK Universities face significant competition notably from Australia, Canada and the USA for students from the Far East, Middle East and South Asia etc. By working with Higher Digital to benchmark your University against other peer institutions, our insight would recommend ways to distance yourself from your peers.

Rising Student Expectations

Students are demanding better value for money and a better student experience.  Higher Digital’s emphasis on Digital Transformation puts the student at the forefront.  Furthermore, we are able to provide advice in areas such as User Experience to enable your institution to better serve the student.

Increasing Costs

Higher Education requires more and more investment, yet your ability to grow revenues is hampered.  Higher Digital’s (SEA)RESULTS® can help you focus investment in areas which will bring the best returns.


Coronavirus Impact on Higher Education and Resources for More Information

The novel coronavirus and the resulting disease COVID-19 have disrupted everything and everyone, both across the U.S. and around the world. The campuses of most higher education institutions have been closed, forcing them to move classes online, requiring crash courses for faculty in emergency online teaching.

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UPDATE: This Week's ucisa20 Leadership Conference Has Been Postponed Until January 2021

The ucisa20 Leadership Conference in Manchester UK that had been scheduled for this week has been postponed. It is now scheduled to take place on 4th – 6th January 2021.

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The ucisa UK Higher Education Capability Model and its role in Digital Transformation

As part of digital transformation, the business side of your institution and the Information Technology (IT) department will need to fully partner in order to align. Alignment occurs when there is clear understanding of what the institution does or needs to do and how this is addressed by the supporting enterprise architecture.

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