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A Higher Digital Podcast

Exploring the new Whys…in Higher Ed

Higher education is changing, and for good reason. The need for improved student experiences, better-enabled faculty, greater equity in both access and outcomes, increased automation, and more engaged leadership represents a collective necessity that is mothering tremendous invention…and innovation…and inspiration.

In each episode, you will experience hosts and guests pulling for the resurgence of Higher Ed, while identifying and discussing the best practices needed to accomplish that resurgence. Strategy and tactics; planning and execution; people, process, and technology – it’s all on the menu because that’s what’s required to truly transform.

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Episode 57

transformed: Preparing Fourth Generation Enterprise Technologists​

In this episode, Dr. Lin Zhou – CIO of The New School – discusses the preparation of fourth generation enterprise technologists in the context of evolving IT organizations, quantum computing and the design, social research, arts, and public engagement programs offered by his institution. References: Dr. Lin Zhou, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, […]

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Episode 56

transformed: Maintaining Traditions through Disruptive Change

In this episode, Dr. Bashar Hanna – President of Commonwealth University – discusses the importance of maintaining the cultural traditions, mascots and branding of the three institutions that are consolidating to form this new school serving Central Pennsylvania. References: Dr. Bashar Hanna, President of Commonwealth University Commonwealth University of Pennsylvania

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Episode 55

transformed: Leveraging Network Effects for Higher Education Reform

In this episode, Dr. Pardis Mahdavi – President-elect at the University of La Verne – discusses the need for and specific uses of partnership network effects to serve the underserved and reverse the education decline. References: Dr. Pardis Mahdavi, President-select of the University of La Verne University of La Verne

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Episode 54

transformed: The Humanist Approach to Transformation

In this episode, Dr. Marlene Tromp – President of Boise State University – discusses how she is applying a humanist approach to digital transformation to continue the tradition of “Broncos bucking above their weight.” References: Dr. Marlene Tromp, President of Boise State University Boise State University Tromp attends G7 Summit – Boise State News  

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Episode 53

transformed: Transforming IT Culture, Team and Portfolio

In this episode, Dr. Vince Kellen – Chief Information Officer at University of California San Diego – discusses the leadership behaviors, steps and consistency required to transform IT cultures, teams and portfolios. References: Dr. Vince Kellen, Chief Information Officer at the University of California San Diego University of California San Diego 21st-Century Analytics: […]

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Episode 52

transformed: Empowering Digital Stakeholders

In this episode, Andrea Ballinger – Vice Provost and Chief Information Officer at Oregon State University – emphasizes the importance of understanding your capabilities and capacity while sustainably empowering digital stakeholders. 

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Episode 51

transformed: Quality-minded Transformation

In this episode, Dr. Muddassir Siddiqi – President of Central College in the Houston Community College System – offers perspective on Digital Transformation as viewed through the lens of quality management.

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Episode 50

transformed: Transforming the Teach/Learn/Work-space over Time

In this episode, Dr. Bill Coppola – President of Tarrant County College, Southeast Campus – describes how a faculty idea to use more whiteboards ten years ago has evolved into an ongoing transformation of methods and work spaces throughout the institution.

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Episode 49

transformed: Institutional Change Strategies Intent on Reversing the Great Education Recession

In this episode, Dr. Lisa Avery – President of Linn Benton Community College – reviews critical strategies for reversing the Great Education Recession. References: Linn Benton Community College Civil Discourse Program’s%20Civil,an%20open%20and%20respectful%20environment. Red Mom + Blue Mom Presentation at Linn Benton Community College

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Episode 48

transformed: Preparing Citizens for Success in our Digital Democracy

In this episode, Dr. Elaine Maimon – former President of Governors State University – explains why critical thinking and communications skills are so important to healthy participation in our rapidly evolving and increasingly digital democracy. References: Leading Academic Change: Vision, Strategy, Transformation, by Elaine P. Maimon Article emphasizing that AI is merely another technology that […]

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As president of Higher Digital, Joe supports customers with strategy development, change management, and strategic operations. He is energized by the complex challenges and profound opportunities facing higher education and is motivated to have and share discussions around these topics.

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