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June 9, 2017

Is “Digital Transformation” a Buzz Term?

Is “digital transformation” a buzz term? The short answer is… “yes, but…” The term has all the signs of being overused. Attend any conference or pick up any leading business magazine, and you’ll run into this term over-and-over again. In addition, most large and small consulting companies are offering ill-defined or vague services around helping companies accomplish “digital transformation,” and for what purpose and what outcome? All these ingredients lead to a fair bit of cynicism for most people; however, dismissing it as a fad and a meaningless term will put your organization at risk of falling farther behind the rest of your industry.

For those of us at Higher Digital, “digital transformation” means two main things… it’s (1) how can your organization address, compete, and deliver products and services in a fast-changing environment and (2) how do you develop and integrate software into your business to provide a more compelling Web and Mobile customer experience while simultaneously improving your bottom line. Software is going be part of everything… even the smallest, most inanimate objects, and every company regardless of industry will continue to see an acceleration of this for all parts of their business. So, either you’ll look to understand and embrace how best to incorporate software into all investment and strategic decisions and to obtain the many benefits, or you’ll risk losing your customers.

At Higher Digital, we can help you through a variety of small engagements to understand what digital transformation means for you, the risk it poses, how far ahead or behind you are of the market, and what concrete steps you can take to get more out of your technology investments to provide a better digital customer and end-user experience.

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